Report on I.P.S.S Service Project

A team of 7 students namely Gurleen Kaur Bhatia, Deshna Patni, Shiwani Jamod, Madhavi Moyde, Eshaan Sojatia, Saksham Mittal and Siddhika Agrawal escorted by Ms.Madhuri Moyde went to participate in the I.P.S.C service project organized by the Scindia School, Gwalior from 24th to 29th October 2016. It was conducted at Nathon ka pura village, Gwalior. There was also a great helping hand from the 45 students’ of 5 different schools like- Maharani Gayatri Devi girls school, Cambridge international school, Rajkumar college, Daly college and the host – The Scindia School

Nathon ka pura village is about 20 kms away from the school. 100 odd families of that village live in abject poverty. Majority of them were snake catchers and charmers (a trade which has been banned by the government). Since 2012 to till 2015 each year I.P.S.C teams along with The Scindia School participated whole heartedly in these activities and constructed roads, rooms, walls, lavatories etc. this year we made water channels on both the sides of the roads in the village and also painted the walls of the village beautifully.

In this activity there were 4 groups of 14 children and they all had to prepare a motivating skit for the villagers to make them aware of the social evils such as Nasha mukti, Beti bachao, Jansankhaya vridhi etc. we also held a session especially for the ladies to tell them about importance of education and hygiene.



The students, teachers, escorts and also the workers joined hands in hands, with lots of enthusiasm and finished the task of construction just in 3days. it was indeed a memorable and great learning experience for all the students and teachers.

Madhavi Moyde,
Class Xi-B