The Founder

Sir Henry Dermot Daly was born at Kirkee, near Poona, on 25th October 1823. His father, Francis Dermot Daly, was a soldier and served in British Indian from 1821 in the 4th Light Dragoons.

Sir Daly was a keen student of history and delved into the history of the States of Malwa region. His cheerful and pleasant disposition won him the friendship and confidence of the Chiefs of Malwa States. In 1870, he took up the appointment of Agent to the Governor General which he held until he left India eleven years later.

His legacy to India was in the form of a modern British school to educate the Princes of the then States of Central India. He instituted the Residency College at Indore and closely monitored its progress. He took the lead in many a discussion that culminated in the origin of various premier schools and colleges of this region.

After a duration had been spent in The Residency College building, it was felt a more substantial premises would be a more fitting tribute to the memory of this pioneer of Indian education. Magnanimous subscriptions flowed in and in 1906, a majestic white marble building, bearing the name – "The Daly College", was erected, in Indo-Sara scenic style of architecture, by the Public Works Department in the center of a 118-acre campus, the land for which was presented by the Holkar State.

Towards the end of 1889, he suffered a serious injury in a fall while riding and never fully recovered. He passed away on 21st July 1895. He is remembered as simple, unaffected and conscientious, and twice recommended for the Victoria Cross, the highest British military honour for gallantry in battle.