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Notice (Old Dalians Association Website)

The Old Dalian’s Association (ODA) has developed a dynamic new web-portal to the existing website at . Once again, ODA will embrace the latest in technology to enhance your interaction with fellow Old Dalians, faculty of the Daly College, and with the ODA. The portal would have the following main features for the members of the ODA:


Alumni Directory
Members' Profiles
Find your batch / reunion
Member search by batch, house, current city, hometown, etc.
Availability/opening of Jobs in members' organisations
Private messaging between members
Events by date, location, type, etc.
Faculty information and Directory
Registration for Existing Alumni
Alumni merchandise store
Photo and Video Gallery
Special interest Groups
Donation Campaigns
Become a Volunteer

As a valued ODA member, you are requested to kindly furnish all the details required in the below link, if not done already, so that your account can activated for you to enable full use of the new ODA portal.

Please note that it would be mandatory for all ODA members to register on the ODA portal so that they gain access to all the services on the portal. Kindly help & oblige,

Jai S. Jhabua
Hon. Secretary, ODA