Photo Gallery

Graduation Ceremony 2024

High Tea Class XII 2024

Annual Prize Giving 2023

Annual Exhibition 2023

Rajgarh Cricket Match 2023

Lunawada Quiz 2023

DC FETE 2023

kasliwal Trophy Football Tournament 2023

Investiture Ceremony 2023

Invitational Debate and Quiz 2023

Annual Prize Giving 2022-23

IPSC Music Fest , ‘ Qasid-e-Rang’

G-literati, a Literary Extravaganza

Career Counselling 2022

Cross Country 2022

Prefects’ Investiture

Sessions on ‘Time Management’

Annual Prize Giving 2021-22

Inter House Dance Level 1 (2021-22)

Independence Day 2021

Inter-House Fusion Solo Dance Level-2, 2021

Inter House Music Level-1 2021

Republic Day Celebration 2021

Premiere - Karmyogini

Inter House English Film Making Competition L-1 2020

Inter House Hindi Film Competition L-1 2020

Inter House Dance Competition L-1 2020

Football Tournament, 2020

Inaguration of Scindia Pavilion

Staff Enrichment Jan. 2020

Adventure and Trek Camp, Metanoia

Annual Prize Giving 2019

Banera Cup 2019

Narsinghgarh Cup Match 2019

Rajgarh Cup Cricket Match 2019

Eye Camp For DC Support Staff

Inter House Cricket 2019

Annual Athletics Meet, 2019


2nd MP State Ranking Tennis Tournament 2019

Panna Project October, 2019

Chemistry Popularization Workshop

MERAKI 2019 – IPSC Visual Arts

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

Casual Dress Day (RS Activity)

Farewell to Mr John Shulman

Inter House Dance Level 1, 2019

Kasliwal Tournament 2019

Cross Country 2019

Oath Taking Ceremony 2019-20

Inter House Western Music Level 1

MUN- Certificate distribution

Staff Enrichment Program, June 2019

Inter House Hindi Dramatics 2019

Inter House Swimming

Inter House Music

Term End Dinner

Jimmy Mcgilligan memorial symposium


Holi Celebration @ DC 2019

March 2019 Treks

Panna Tiger Reserve Community Service

Mahashivratri Celebration @ DC

Assembly of recently elected members of MP

Last Assembly Class 12 (2018-19)

APG 2018 Annual Exhibition

ODA Concert 2018

Visit of Rotary International Members

Community Service Fund Raising Fete 2018

Students of Woodleigh School, Melbourne @ DC

RS Conference @ DAIS

Inter House Dance Level 1, 2018


Inter House Dance Level 2, 2018

Inter House English Dramatics level 1, 2018

Rally for kerala

Career Fair 2018

English Cambridge Style Debate Level II (Final)

Independence Day 2018

Kasliwal Football Match 2018

Mera Shahar Indore

Cycling to DC

Inter House Quiz Level III

Western Music Competition Level 2

Visit of Mr. Kartik Taneja


FIFA World Cup 2018

Western Music Competition Level 1

Visit of Mr. Amithabh Kant

Donation of Maruti Van

Talk by Bhrahma Kumari Shivani

English Extempore Speech Competition Level-III

Tree Plantation @ DC

Inter House Aquatics for Boys (U-17 & 19)

Hindi Extempore Speech Competition Level III

The Green Heart concert

English Extempore Speech Competition Level II


DCMUN 2018

Inter House Swimming (Boys), April 2018

Inter House Hindi Dramatics 2018

Inter House Indian Music Level 2

Inter House Swimming (Girls)

Inter House MUN

Eye Camp Day 3

Eye Camp day 2

Eye Camp Day 1

Moments -Students On Mid Term Break

Woodleigh School (Australia) Visit

The Danish Visit DC

Visit Of Exchange Students

Visit of Dr. Juergen Morhard (Germany)

Graduation Ceremony 2017-18

Annual Regional meeting of RS

Cross Country

Republic day

Career Counselling

Staff Enrichment

Traditional day



Athletics 2017-18

IPSC Shooting

RS Conference Cape Town

Woodleigh School Exchange 2017

Welcoming Ivanhoe Grammar School,Australia


Ivanhoe Grammar School, Australia

Eye Camp 2017

Inter House Folk Dance

Inter House Contemporary Dance

Cultural Activities

Inter House Swimming


Round Square

Campus Facilities


Architectural Heritage

IC 3 Programme