RS Collaborative Projects

International Understanding Project : Coming of Age

Round Square schools encourage their students to develop a spirit of Internationalism: To seek out, discover and embrace the similarities and differences between cultures and nationalities in ways that promote meaningful and lasting understanding and respect.

Daly College is the one of the six schools worldwide (representing five regions) that is a part of an International Collaborative project “Coming of Age” (traditions, ceremonies and rites of passage in different communities) based on INTERNATIONAL UNDERSTANDING pillar of Round Square.

Proposed International Understanding focus: Coming of Age traditions, ceremonies and rites of passage in different communities

Participating Schools:

Europe : Latymer Upper School, London UK
Latin America : Craighouse School, Chile
USA : Nightingale-Bamford School, New York
Africa : St Andrew’s Turi, Kenya
South Asia/Gulf : Daly College, India
Aus and E. Asia : Regents Pattaya

Collaboration Questions :

What traditions, ceremonies and rites of passage can we find in the 6 Round Square Regions?
What are the similarities and differences of coming of age traditions/rites of passage across the world?
What do these traditions/rites of passage tell us about the different cultures?

Task Objectives :

To research and describe at least one coming of age tradition/rite of passage within each region
To analyse and evaluate the meaning and significance of the tradition/rite of passage
To compare and contrast the traditions/rites of passage across the regions
To build a resource for Round Square schools to use and (possibly)
To devise a series of relevant lessons to explore coming of age in order to develop intercultural understanding.