From the Principal's Desk

The Lion King, as a Disney animated film, not only entertained an audience, but also shared wisdom about real-life experiences.

In their conversation, Simba curiously looks into the sky and says, “Looks like the winds are changing.”

Rafiki responds, “Ahh, change is good.”

This is a line that resonates deeply with me: "Change is good." In the realm of education, this statement holds tremendous significance. When we embrace change, we become catalysts for growth, not just in the lives of our students but also within ourselves. Having served just over a year in this esteemed, vintage legacy day-cum boarding school as its pioneering female Principal, in all humility, I am conscious of the responsibility that this change brings in.

The sheer manifestation of life lies solely in its inherent growth, and the active involvement of our students in a diverse range of sporting, cultural, and literary pursuits and bringing home accolades serve as an undeniable testament to their progressive development over time.

We are currently engaging with Generation Alpha and Generation Z, cohorts that possess an innate familiarity with the cloud, social media, and mobile technology due to having grown up with these innovations. They’ve known and adapted to these since birth – are also open to more technology, more changes, more adaptations. With the necessary knowledge and expertise, I reckon, they will be empowered to generate value that extends beyond their own generation, benefiting future generations as well.

Our genuine self-awareness flourishes when we forge meaningful connections with others. One pivotal way for me to foster this connection with the children is through the morning assembly, which provides an optimal opportunity for me to cultivate a bond with them and where I consistently emphasize the significance of pockets of time and the multitude of benefits they offer. By making the most of these interstices, we can optimize our efficiency and achieve meaningful outcomes.

Breathing new life into the school's cherished heritage, a current atmosphere of fervour and eagerness permeates the air. The school is consistently abuzz with a vibrant energy that pervades every aspect of learning, co-curricular endeavours, and beyond.

“Skill is the foundation upon which talent builds its masterpiece." Driven by continuous efforts to enhance and refine their skills, students venture into uncharted territories and unleash their untapped aptitude.

The world has changed and so have we. Drawing upon over 150 years of rich experience, we hold our traditions in high regard. However, we recognize the utmost significance of adapting to the ever- evolving world around us.

As I come to a close, let us embrace the power of "now." Each moment presents a chance for us to make a positive impact and create lasting change. Let us embark on this exciting journey, let us seize the present moment and make the most of it. C'est la vie!

God bless!
Dr. Gunmeet Bindra