Synopsis on DC

Famous Alumni :

Dr. C. S. Ranawat (Medicine)
Dr. Sudhir Khetawat (Medicine)
Dr. Kanwaljeet Anand (Professor Pediatrics, Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Centre, USA)
Raj Singh Dungarpur (Cricket)
Hanumant Singh (Cricket)
Nawabzada Shahryar Muhammad Khan (Foreign Secretary & Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board)
Rohit Nagu (Financial Officer, International Cricket Council, Dubai)
Ranjan Dass (CEO SAP India)
Digvijaya Singh Raghogarh (Public Life)
Laxman Singh Raghogarh (Public Life)
Arun Yadav (Public Life)
Nagendra Singh Nagod (Member of Parliament)
Bhanu Prakash Singh Narsinghgarh (Former Central Minister & Governor of Goa)
Deepak Obhrai (Member of Canadian Parliament)
Dheeraj Bora (ISRO Scientist)
Mahima Gupta (Nuclear Scientist)
Dr. Amrita Tiwari (Nuclear Scientist)
Prof. Prabhat Patnaik (JNU)
Prof. Ashwin Naik ( Buffalo University)
Prof. Dinyar Godrej (Oxford)
Ram Pratap Singh (Administrative Service)
Vijayendra Ghatge (Actor)
Kiran Kumar ( Actor)
Bikram Saluja (Actor)
Rayman Saluja (Actor)
Vidhi Ghodgaonkar (Assistant Director, Films)
Vikram Modi (Head of Visa, Singapore)
Praveen Kankaria ( Impetus, Software Entrepreneur)
Rajeev Tipnis (Software Entrepreneur)
Vikram Rajadhyaksha (Entrepreneur)
Gajendra Singh Sareen (Founder & CEO, Omni Tyres, Singapore)
Yashowardhan Kauns (Art)
Ira Trivedi (Author)
Panni Patgaonkar (Architect & Interior Designer)
Sandeep Kothari (Fidelity, Asia)
Siddharth Sethi (Infobeans)

Patrons (since 1882) :

HE Lord Willington, Viceroy of India
HE Lord Linlithgow, Viceroy of India
HE Field Marshal, Lord Wavell, Viceroy of India
HE Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Mountbatten, Viceroy of India
HH Maharaja Sir George Jivaji Rao Scindia of Gwalior
HH Maharajadhiraj Yeshwant RaoHolkar of Indore
HH Maharajadhiraj Martand Singh of Rewa
HH Maharaja Madhav Rao Scindia of Gwalior
HH Maharani Usha Devi Holkar of Indore
HH Maharajadhiraj Pushpendra Singh Ju Deo of Rewa
Raja Digvijaya Singh of Raghogarh
Shri Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani
HH Maharaja Jyotiraditya Scindia of Gwalior

Academics :

Academic Results for 2014 have been excellent.
In class 10 :
15 students got a CGPA of 10
2 students got a CGPA of 9.8
7 students got a CGPA of 9.6
10 students got a CGPA of 9.4
10 students got a CGPA of 9.2 and
11 students got a CGPA of 9

Class 12 results were even better than the previous year: 136 students have got a distinction in all subjects. The subjects of which the averages go beyond 80 are :

Physical Education (92.3)
Fine Arts (90.9)
Computer Science (89.6)
Web Tech (88.5)
Political Science (88.1)
Chemistry (84.3)
Geography (84.2)
English (83.6)
Biology (82.8)
Economics (81.8)
Business Studies (81.5)
Entrepreneurship (81.4)

The Stream toppers were :

Astha Juneja - 96.4% (Commerce and School Topper)
Namrata Nair - 94.6% (Humanities)
Aditya Raj Deshlahara - 94.4%(PCM)
Bijit Bharali - 94% (Biology)

Global Exposure/ Internationalism

Round Square is the core of Internationalism. Our students and teachers are also benefiting enormously from other organizations that we are affiliated to. More than 150 students have participated in Model United Nations programmes in the last two years in India and abroad.

After the successful organization of Round Square International Conference in 2007, DC is now seen as possibly the best Indian school to partner for internationalism. The G-20 group of Iconic Heads from the prestigious Schools across the world attended G-20 conference in February 2013 at DC.

GALES (Global Alliance of Leading-Edge Schools), an organization from 25 plus countries, has only one Indian partner, DC. It is for the very first time decided to shift for October 2014 the venue of its bi-annual summit from Raffles Institution, Singapore to DC, Indore.

AFS is another organization through which we can send out students on scholarships, and also organize incoming and outgoing group exchanges.

Two years ago saw the initiative of a joint US, Australia & UK study of 10 schools in 10 countries that are most effectively adapting to globalisation. DC was the only school selected in India. Post graduate teacher trainees at the Melbourne School of Education, Australia, come every year to DC for their practical stint. Also, the three week course we run on Indian Culture continues to attract students, especially from Canada.

In the last two years -

31 students have gone out on solo exchanges to USA, Australia, Thailand, Scotland, Canada, S. Africa, Germany & Peru. In return we hosted 24 students from 9 countries. We also had groups coming in from Woodleigh School in Australia, Shenzhen (Nanshan) Concord College of Sino-Canada in People's Republic of China & Ivanhoe in Australia.

3 students attended the Wellington Leadership Institute’s Global Social Leaders Programme in England. 25 students went on AFS exchanges to Hungary, Germany & Italy.

In exchange AFS has sent us 3 students on 12 month exchanges from Italy, Germany & Russia and two students for a shorter duration from Germany. 5 students from USA will be on a Hindi Language Learning Program for one year at DC. Also, from AFS we had a fortnight visit from 11 students and 2 teachers from Russia. We have had 9 overseas teachers visit us.One teacher has been on a teacher exchange program to Denmark and another one to the US.

Senior Vice Principal has attended the Deputy Heads G-20 Conference at Wellington, Eton & Marlborough in the UK and attended with students attended the swearing in ceremony of President Obama as Leadership Conference in Washington. Two students escorted by a teacher attended the Ideas to Change the World Summit at Raffles in Singapore. 10 students and a teacher attended a 10 day conference at Stanford.

6 students attended Annual Round Square International Conference which was held in Florida. About 60 students attended South Asia & Gulf Regional Round Square Conferences in 2013.

Art/ Cultural Activities:

DC won in the last year (2013-14) alone, in the performing Arts segment of the All India Indian Public School’s Conference Championship the first position in Indian Orchestra, Western Orchestra, Classical vocal solo, Indian group song, Classical Solo dance (fourth year in succession), Choreography, Western dance, Folk dance and Street Play.

In the All India IPSC Literary Festival, DC stood first in Turn Coat English Debate, Book Review, Hindi Extemporelled Speech and Hindi Creative Writing. In the All India IPSC Visual Arts Festival, DC got the first position in Hand Painting and was runners-up in Face Painting and Conceptual Photography. Also, in the IPSC IT Fest, DC bagged the first position in Collage making. In a National level contest called Science against Crime, DC won three awards and was declared the overall winner. DC has also been the winner of two prestigious National level English debates this year.

Sports facilities and achievements in sports:

DC has world class facilities for sports namely, two cricket grounds which have hosted Ranji Trophy matches, Floodlit Deco Turf Tennis Courts, Olympic size Swimming pool, Floodlit synthetic surface Basketball Courts, Four Soccer fields, three Hockey grounds, independent athletic track and ground, an international Class indoor completely air-conditioned Shooting range and nine glass backed squash courts, a 150 m floodlit Skating rink, six Sports Pavilions, Sports climbing wall, an Obstacle Course, a fitness centre and in the pipeline a modern centre for Badminton.

DC has won maximum number of medals won by any school in the events conducted by the Students Federation of India. A record number of 174 students qualified or the Nationals. DC has won in the last year alone the IPSC Shooting Championship for Boys & Girls, the under-19 IPSC Football Championship for Girls, the under-17 IPSC Cricket Championship for Boys and the under-14, under-17 & under-19 Squash Championships. Dalians have also participated in International Squash tournaments and its Tennis players are playing in renowned championships of international circuit. Three students have received Eklavya Award by the Government of Madhya Pradesh, two in Equestrian and one for Squash.

Community Service/ Environment Conservation:

DC students raised funds and built a two storeyed community hall in the tribal hamlet of Sanawadia. The students hosted a 10 day language, computer literacy and math workshop for the students of Sally Holkar’s Women Weave Charitable Trust Maheswhar.

DC hosted the7th Daly-Ermitage-Choithram-Aagaz Eye Camp. Our joint Franco Indian team distributed 8700 spectacles and facilitated 275 successful cataract operations. In all seven camps the total spectacles distributed to those who otherwise may never have seen so well is approximately 29000.

Two students each went on Round Square International Service Project to Romania & Peru. About 50 students went to different Regional Round Square Service Projects.

However, what we are most proud of is the leadership we have provided to the 41 Round Square schools in South Asia and the Gulf whose students have resolved to work on a priority basis for the welfare of the girl child for at least the next two years. DC students advertised in the newspaper and each of the Govt. & NGO schools that responded will be the recipient of Rs. 1.5 lac separate washrooms for girls and boys with overhead water and underground septic tanks. These funds were raised by our students. We are proud of this because we found that the adolescent girl is unable to attend school when there is no washroom. One girl spoke of not drinking water before leaving for school in the hope of avoiding a visit to the non-existent washroom. Eventually these girls are deprived of an education, remain socially and financially dependent on others and are unable to guide in later years their own families in matters of education, hygiene and nutrition. As on date we have completed washrooms in 10 schools.

One of our student clubs ‘Bridging the Gap’ has done good work in the Home for the hearing impaired and also in an orphanage and have provided drinking water facility for the visually handicapped. The students also donated to the unfortunate in Uttarkashi and have selected recipient schools in Indore for 152 chairs and 162 tables. Our students have painted the class room walls of school for the hearing impaired.

Environment Conservation

Environment Awareness and Action is another important aspect of our education programme. We have organized for DC and another 10 schools a much required workshop on Garbage Management conducted by young professionals from Auroville. We have hosted along with IIT Indore a workshop by GRIHA on green certification. Mukesh Jhaveri Green Centre is a demo centre committed to environment protection and sensitizing the community to the need of sustainable future. It showcases all renewable sources of energy, composting, recycling, wall and roof gardening, organic farming and so on and so forth. Our students have been checking pollution emissions on cars driven by parents and teachers. The Green Centre will become Green School Building and Information Centre and a model of eco-friendly practices for other schools.

DC is also a natural habitat for Peacocks. Karuna International, Chennai conferred DC as the Natural National Bird Sanctuary Institute of India in 2012.

We plan to consider the entire campus as catchment area to increase the ground water level for which two lakes are constructed.

A book on Birds of DC, a students and staff initiative was published in February 2013. Another book on the Trees of DC is soon to be published.

Green Club :

A Student initiative started after the 2008 Round Square Conference at Canada.
Water Management - Ground Water Recharging Methods
Field Bunds
Recharging Pits
Rooftop Harvesting
Tube well Recharging
Sewage Treatment Plant
Drip Irrigation

- Lakes
Lake Total  Area Impounded water Full percolation since construction Total
1 35x40x2m= 2800m3 2800 x 1000 liters 9 2,52,00000
2 35x40x2m= 2800m3 2800 x 1000 liters 6 1,68,00000
Total       4,20,00,000 liters

Water Recharging done from the 2 Lakes is 4,20,00,000 litres.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Capacity- 60,000 L/day.
Used for maintaining gardens and playfields.
Moving towards a zero run-off campus

Sprinklers (Jet Rain Gun)
Pop up Sprinklers

Drip Irrigation

Area Covered – 5 Acre
Planned to Cover -10 acres more

Solar Water Heating Projectz
CAPACITY – 2400 L of hot water per day
Savings in electricity- 3 lakhs units per year
Savings in money - Rs 15 lakhs or 30 thousand Dollars

Aero Generator

Savings in electricity- 3600 Units per year
Savings in money - Rs 18000 or 400 Dollars

Solar Water Heater

Details of ETC Solar Water heaters being installed as under –
5 X Boarding Houses – 2500 L each
2 X Boarding Houses – 3600 L each
Mess – 4000 L each

Since Daly College has been selected as demonstration site by the Government of India, this project is subsidized by the government.