Report on Girl Icon Project

Adhering to the spirit of community service the students of Daly College are engaged as volunteers at different levels of the fellowship programme for Girl Icon. The Girl Icon fellowship is a two year long leadership development program aimed at adolescent girls who have demonstrated willingness and ability to challenge social barriers that restrict unleashing of a girl’s potential in her community. The program is supported by Milaan Foundation an NGO based in the U.S and Anhad Pravah of Madhya Pradesh.

The program was designed to be implemented in 3 stages. The first stage of selection of girl icon fellows had been completed in the month of November 2016. Stage 2 i.e the launch of Girl Icon Fellowship orientation workshop and the Launch event (welcoming the Girl Icon fellows) was planned from December 13 – 17, 2016 in Daly College. The last leg of the event i.e leadership development training for 6 days would be conducted every six months from June 2017- December 2018.

The workshop was volunteered by Srajay Singh , Madhvi Modye , Ishika Sitlani , Jhalak Shastri , Ananya Sharma , Bhraghuraj Singh , Lipi Joshi , Aakriti Sikka , Mannit Nahar , Bandhvi Singh and Pooja Dodve of our school. The workshop consisted of 50 girls from different areas of Madhya Pradesh who participated in the workshop which would further help them to fight for their own and for others' rights from the society. On the 13th of December, the workshop began and the workshop started with the introduction and welcoming of every girl icon. This was followed by asking the icons their expectations during the program and a few team building games. The girls were also told of some rules which would help them throughout their lives. Next day started with an activity called 'Who am I ' which was about knowing one’s own self which was followed by an activity called 'Gender web' it was about understanding and analyzing gender norms and gender rules. Understanding marginality was the first activity for the next day which was followed by display of action plans to the icons. On the last day, the icons were taught the principles of facilitation which they would want to implement in their lives which was followed by closure and feedback of the program. At the end of each day, there was a 'Mehfil' set for the icons to perform some culture activities. The workshop ended on the 17th of December and there was a cultural program held on the same day in the evening. During the course of this workshop, all of us learned a lot. We were made a part of each activity which was organized and we feel happy to be a part of such a productive activity. It was very different experience to in being a part of the workshop. Being a part of the group and talking to the icons gave us a very happy feeling from within ourselves. All of us would like to be a part of any program like this. We would like to thanks all those who made it possible for us to be a part of this program.

Pooja Dodve