The Girls Washroom Project

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
- Winston Churchill

The quote above is an inspiration to give our best to the society by the way of service. It is through serving that we learn to value what we have, and what others are deprived of. Fulfilling the needs of the under privileged gives satisfaction and peace of mind & makes us better human beings. We take things for granted till we are deprived of our comforts. Service makes us better human beings

The main objective of serving society is to sensitize students to community service and gain first hand information of problems faced by the less privileged.

It was observed that the dropout rates for girls on attaining puberty was most high in government schools, and the reason was no or inadequate basic sanitary facilities of clean washrooms in schools. Thus the decision of 'Girls' Washroom Project’ was undertaken by Daly College in 2013. This project endeavours to construct two clean washrooms with septic tank in surveyed schools after the subsequent permissions from the government and local authorities.

The construction cost for each toilet is Rs. 1.5 lacs. DC funds for the project were collected by the student committee by organizing Casual Day, Card Sale, Cake Sale, Fete, Brochure and DJ Night.

The project has been completed in 19 schools by March 2019.


Govt. Higher Secondary School, Village Siya, Distt. Dewas


Govt. Malav Girls H. S. School, Moti Tabela , Indore


Govt. Girls H. S. School, Sanyogitaganj, Indore


Deaf Dumb Association, Indore


Govt. Higher Secondary School, Kanadia, Indore


Govt. Hindi Primary School, Azad Nagar, Indore,


Government Hr. Sec. School, Dakachya, Indore,


Govt. Middle School, Hukmakhedi, Rajendra Nagar, Indore,


Swami Vivekanand Govt. Adarsh H. S. School, Indore


Govt. Middle School, Bisnakheda, Indore


Govt. Middle School, Buranakhedi, Indore


Govt. Higher Secondary School, Khajrana, Indore


Govt. Higher Secondary School, Manglia, Indore


Govt. Girls Primary School, Manglia, Indore


Govt. Sanyogitaganj Hr. Sec. School, Indore


Govt. High School, Pagnispaga, Indore


Govt. High School, Jawahar Tekari, Indore


Govt. Higher Secondary School, Dudhiya


Govt. Primary School, Banki Girauli, Chhatarpur


Govt. Middle Girls School, Rangwasa, Rau, Indore [Under Construction]

Daly College strongly supports this project and endeavors in eradicating the lacunae of sanitary facilities so that girls may be encouraged to come to schools regularly and in turn may add and support to bear the responsibility to nurture an educated and informed society. FRS has been constantly supporting our project till now.