Panna Tiger Reserve Community Service and Wildlife Awareness Project

Daly College strongly supports Community Service Programs and gives its students opportunity to serve the community. The main projects which are undertaken by Daly College are Girls’ Washroom Project in Govt. Schools and Eye Camp for underprivileged people.

So far Daly College has constructed a twin set of washrooms with water reservoir and septic tank in 18 Government schools in and around Indore. The idea is to sensitize students and gain first hand information to the problem faced by the underprivileged section of the society.

A noble step was taken by the Student Committee to shift the project from the usual urban to rural areas so as to help that part of the society who are deprived of basic sanitation facilities and awareness of eye care. The Principal suggested focusing on the buffer villages of Panna Tiger reserve.

Daly College coordinated efforts with an NGO partner, Bagh Aap Aur Van (BAAVAN) Trust, who was actively working the area for a long time. The idea of construction of six washroom was initiated and Govt School at Banki (Distt. Chhatarpur) identified for this project. An Eye Camp was also organized at Kupi for the villagers.

A team of 21 students and 3 staff members participated in this Community Service Project at Panna from March 13 – 18, 2019. The students were involved in helping construction workers to shift raw material, mixing cement and passing cement mixture to mason, shifting bricks, wall making etc. Wildlife awareness and sustainable living orientation program by eminent wildlife scientist Dr. Raghunandan Chundawat was also organized.

One day Eye Camp was organized for the people of Kupi village (Distt. Chhatarpur). Total patients registered were:836 and the numbers of spectacles distributed were: 507. At the end, it gave us tremendous happiness to be able to change so many people’s lives and help them see the world with a different eye.