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Round Square International Conference 2018 at Canada

Daly College, Indore
January 23, 2018
Students of classes X, XI & XII interested in participating Round Square International Conference 2018 which will be held at Lower Canada College, Canada from 20 Sept - 26 Sept, 2018 must give their details to Mrs. Sharmila Dominic, RS Rep. Selection will be made on the basis of merit.
*Student delegate must turn 16 years of age between September 1, 2018 & August 31, 2019)
Conference Fee: CAD 1,505 each student *
(*Travel, visa, insurance expenses, Pre- conference Fee, Escort expenses extra)
Total approx. expenses: Rs. 1,75,000/-
Conference fee -                             Rs.77500/-
Travel expenses approx. –              Rs. 60000/-
Visa & Insurance Approx. –           Rs. 10000/-
Miscellaneous expenses   -             Rs. 27500/-
escort expenses  etc.
Total  Rs.                                          1,75,000/-
* The fee does not include pre or post conference.
Five students will be selected. Students who are interested should contact and submit duly filled registration form along with copy of passport to Mrs. S.Dominic by January 31, 2018.
Sharmila Dominic
RS Rep

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