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Visit to Rajwada

Heritage Week (18th April – 20th April)

Visit to Rajwada

18th April, World Heritage Day was observed  by Class IV, with a visit to Rajwada Palace;  a historic monument of the erstwhile Holkar dynasty, rulers of Indore; and a pride of our city, Indore.

This palace was built in 1747 AD and has the distinctive features of Mughal, Rajput,  Maratha and French architecture,
A group of students of Classes V and VI also accompanied  us and presented a street play, to bring about awareness of cleanliness and the preservation of monuments, under the able guidance on Mr Gadgil. They went around the palace carrying banners and shouting slogans  about keeping the  environment clean to make the city green. The Class IV children followed them, accompanied by teachers and two support staff.

The children enjoyed visiting the Gopal  temple which also houses pictures  of  Queen Ahilya Bai and her family and took down notes from the text which accompanied them.
Though it was a terribly hot day, the children waited patiently for the Great wooden gate  embedded with iron studs to open, to see the inside of Rajwada Palace, which is now used to hold exhibitions and cultural programmes, in the huge courtyard.

On the first floor of the building is a museum which has paintings of the royal family. They were enthralled to see these as our school houses all these paintings in the Durbar Hall/auditorium. The boys were fascinated to see ancient weapons (swords, guns, bullets and cannons) while the girls were fascinated by the exquisite vases, pots and utensils.
When we returned to school the children had an activity to complete in the form of a comprehension. 




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